Saturday, December 13, 2008

23. Yeasayer - Wait for the Summer

Perhaps more than any other song on this list, this vaguely tribal track creates a very distinct mood. I can't really explain and maybe someone slipped a hallucinogen into my drink last night but for some reason this song makes me feel like I'm not anywhere close to home. Like Neptune maybe. Or perhaps part of some trans-Saharan Berber Caravan Maybe it's the richly layered vocals that almost become a chant or it could very well be the sitar drone coupled with the hand claps and non-traditional percussion but this almost SOUNDS like indie rock's answer to the Muezzin's call to prayer. This song is no inaccessible moan fest however as the whole track is like (let's see how far I can stretch these non-Western analogies here) a piece of baklava where between every layer of metaphorical phylo dough is substantial syrupy pop sweetness. Just like I can imagine this song sacreligiously blaring from the top of a minaret I can just as easily imagine its melody being rapped over by the Rza. So please, can I have more? A LOT more.

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