Tuesday, December 2, 2008

32. Deerhunter - Agoraphobia

Full disclosure... after repeated listens I'm not quite sure what this song is about. Some sort of unrequited obsession with a member of the opposite sex? I've got nothin'. That isn't necessarily a bad thing however because the vocals frankly just sound cool and become just another instrument as they blend perfectly with the music. Combining dreamy guitars with a fuzzy synth outro takes this song from Yo La Tengo inspired indie pop to Sonic Youth style noise as the song draws to a close.

Frankly, it was really tough to choose a song from this album to represent on this list that is currently read by roughly 3 people. From beginning to end the Atlanta-based Deerhunter flows seamlessly from style to style without sacrificing the pop melodies that unite the entire album. There are easily 7 or 8 absolutely essential tracks on the album and Agoraphobia stands out for me right now but just like asking me if I prefer So Yesterday, Pieces of Me, or Since You've Been Gone among the canon of the mysterious THE MATRIX songwriting team ask me in a week and I'll have picked another personal favorite.


Goodwin said...

Really like the song...also amused that you think 3 people actually read this blog.

jonhaley said...

There's really no contest, "Since U Been Gone" is the clear winner amongst those three Matrix-esque songs. And yes, that's the correct spelling.

Harris Smith said...

you, gmart, jonny that's three bitch