Sunday, December 7, 2008

27. Truckasaurus - Fak!!!

Looking back to a time when music videos actually existed, I can remember a few that actually convinced me to like a song that upon hearing on the radio I might have actually hated. Specifically, every Fatboy Slim song (by the way, I listened to one of his albums the other day and he has NOT aged well... The Rockefeller Skank? Yikes). The problem when this happens is that it's really hard to tell whether the song is any good or not. I think Ok Go proved this point to the world with their omnipresent clip for crappy song Here it Goes Again.

I will officially admit that I have fallen in love with the video for song #27, Fak!!! by Truckasaurus, and maybe that's why this spare, oddball joint made the list in the first place. This techno-ish act constructed their entire album "Tea Parties, Guns, and Valor" using the same synth effects that contributed to the Commodore 64 game system. As horrible as it sounds and as campy as it is, I think that it somehow works musically.... really really well. It's almost impossible to keep your head from bobbing along to the jittery Contra-soundtrack style beeps and blips that drive this album. The video is linked for your viewing pleasure.

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